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Nelly Agbogu is the brain behind Naija Brand Chick and Nellies healthy food & snack company in the heart of Lagos, Nigeria

Nelly isn’t the average business owner who dreamt of entrepreneurship from an early age like most CEOs would tell you. She is a woman (and a mum) who had struggled with her weight and faced hurting body shaming criticism for years; and in the course of finding a solution to losing weight, had a baby who eats only gluten-free products, she had to find her passion for baking healthy options to help herself and her children and decided to build a brand out of it. In her words, “My biggest challenge birthed my business journey.”

In December 2012, she started her blog to put her weight loss journey out there and in the quest to change her lifestyle without becoming miserable about it, her healthy baking started, first to silence her critics who felt she wasn’t doing anything about it, as well as to inspire and be inspired by others like her. This mother of three who has shed over 40kg in body weight learnt everything she now knows about healthy baking from going through hours of videos and recipes from Youtube, Google and training. She started her business as an employee of a multinational oil service company and then transitioned from being an employee with a side hustle into full-time entrepreneurship with a customer base daily expanding and her business gradually being purported as one of the fast-growing healthy food brands in Nigeria.

My Courses

Her success story would not be complete without Instagram. Naijabrandchick was basically created to teach small brand owners on how to use Instagram for business. In a space of 4 years, she has taught over 50,000 business owners and employees through her Masterclass, personalized coaching, live videos, boot camps, and several other media. NBCTradefair, the visibility arm of NBC heald her maiden fair in September 2018 and has had two more fairs that have been very successful, it has now been tagged as a ‘sold out affair’ by vendors who participate and ‘Lolo one of Instagram’ by her followers.


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